Our Quality Policy

It is to contribute technical/technological growth of our market, providing right, reliable services in R&D projects and meeting expectations, provide continuousness in customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Ortem Elektronics which provides research, experimental development and production services related with engineering and technology; 

• Ensures participation of all its employees with full support of the management and product security by dapting awareness of owning our products until their consumption, product security, health and environmental sensitivity principles and full customer satisfaction,

While producing the products; it ensures;

• Protection of natural resources,

• Compliance by observing all the environments, health, labor laws, rules and laws,

• Using clean production technologies for reducing pollution and wastes, and performing all process changes for reducing waste at its source,

• Inspecting effects of new processes, products or activities on environments before the activities start,

• Performing risk analyses, improvements labor health and security of employees,

• Applying related standards in our total quality system aiming at meeting customer expectations and satisfaction of employees,

• Measuring effectiveness of system and keeping OHSE System updated for ensuring its continuous improvement and compliance with conditions,

•Undertakes to perform required arrangements considering suggestions of employees as well for preventing especially wounding and occupations diseases while performing continuous improvement, 

• Making health examinations of employees executed within legal requirement limits,

• Identifying training requirements of employees, and informing employees and related parties on especially on the applications to be observed in relation with OHSE,

• Encouraging auxiliary industrialist and suppliers to be a responsible establishment  against OHSE,

• Providing required personal protection equipment, formation using and maintenance instructions,

• Applying developing product and production technology, and continuous improvement with its employees who are supported by continuous training.

Information Security Policy

Our Establishment;
• Undertakes to meet conditions of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System,
• To continue effectiveness of ISMS and continuous improvement activities,
• To comply with legal rights and customer conditions, 
• It has identified taking existing and potential risks on its assets and making risk planning as information security policy.

Main elements of our policy;

Integrity: Ensuring protection of information from unauthorized changes and being aware of the change,

Accessibility: Ensuring that information is accessible by authorized users when required,

Confidentiality: Ensuring and executing that information is only accessible by authorized persons. 

Top management of our establishment undertakes that Information Security Policy shall be published,  employees shall be informed and shall be reviewed at least once a year.

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