Ortem Electronics was founded in May 1998 at TÜBİTAK-MAM Techno-park and it has continued its operation at KOSGEB-TEKMER Gebze after 2002. After operating at Hasköy Industrial Center-Gebze as of November 2006, it has been continuing in its new place at Gebze Osman Yılmaz Mh. since 2011. ORTEM provides services on R&D, projects, consultancy, prototype production, mass production and service subjects. It works with the campaines that are leaders on their subjects in the world and follow up cutting-edge technologies. It especially operates in the field of Automotive and Telemetry technologies. 


By the year 1998, it has been 6 years since Techno-park in Tübitak Marmara Center has been established... Central management has made a decision for encouraging the researchers working in its organization and those that have entrepreneurial spirit for establishing company in Techno-park. By this incentive, we, the 4 entrepreneurs who are at the age of 40s have established the company named Ortem Electrics Electronics Mechanics Industry and Trade L.c. on May 98. Our objective is to operate as design office. While we were looking for projects on one side, we were struggling with economical recessions on the other side.During this process, we have passed through timeframes that we may call critical moment of fate. By the strategic decision which we made in the moment of fate, 15 years have passed and we came up to these days. By the present time; under the name of ”Ortem Electronics Inc”, we have been continuing down on the road with production on automotive electronics and telemetry technologies with 65 employees 30 of which are R&D personnel, with annual production capacity of 500,000 products with 1300 m2 of closed area.

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