Ortem Electronics continuously follows up new generation technologies, and produce the automotive products it has developed with its good quality and powerful R&D infrastructure by using modern technologies with ORTEM and Xtakip brands. Its objective is to commercialize power control units, electronic control units, indicator and recording device in automotive electronics with Ortem brand, and to commercialize the telemetric devices like vehicle, personnel and asset tracking with Xtakip brand.

While producing the products; it ensures;

• Protection of natural resources,

• Compliance by observing all the environments, health, labor laws, rules and laws,

• Using clean production technologies for reducing pollution and wastes, and performing all process changes for reducing waste at its source,

• Inspecting effects of new processes, products or activities on environments before the activities start,

• Performing risk analyses, improvements labor health and security of employees,

• Applying related standards in our total quality system aiming at meeting customer expectations and satisfaction of employees,

• Measuring effectiveness of system and keeping OHSE System updated for ensuring its continuous improvement and compliance with conditions,

• Undertakes to perform required arrangements considering suggestions of employees as well for preventing especially wounding and occupations diseases while performing continuous improvement, 

• Making health examinations of employees executed within legal requirement limits,

• Identifying training requirements of employees, and informing employees and related parties on especially on the applications to be observed in relation with OHSE,

• Encouraging auxiliary industrialist and suppliers to be a responsible establishment  against OHSE,

• Providing required personal protection equipment, formation using and maintenance instructions,

• Applying developing product and production technology, and continuous improvement with its employees who are supported by continuous training.

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